Royan caravan wintering

The Camping offers a covered shed enclosed,  located in the same site for caravan, boat or motor home Thus, your equipment is safe and does not deteriorate. In addition, you do not have to tow it to come on holiday (fuel economy and highway toll) which makes life easier.

hivernage caravane royan la trembladeTo please our costumers (already customers but also new), we offer to those who leave their caravan wintering in our hangar and who wish to come in mid and high season holiday at Camping du Petit Pont, reduced 1 euro / day / pitch. Take advantage of this offer rates that benefit wintering vary depending on the surface of the location necessary to the hardware you want to store. We are at your disposal to make you an accurate quote (length and width of the material and the wintering period). For newcomers, a welcome offer is applied: 10% on the first  year. In the case of sponsorship, our customers also benefit from the 10% reduction on their invoice for the next winter season. Welcome to our site !!!!